Frequently Asked Questions

Find out everything you need to know about the Southampton Sporterium taking place in 2020. The inaugural event is shaping up to be a great day to celebrate both the fantastic sport of Cycling and the beautiful city of Southampton.

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Criterium FAQ’S

Cooperate Criterium FAQ’S

Q: How many laps/time?

A: For the corporate Criterium it will be as many laps in 30 minutes as possible then after 30 minutes horns will go to signify 5 laps remaining and its a sprint to the finish!

Q: How many team members? min & max?
A: You can enter a Team from 2 up to 25 riders in one team
Q: Is it a relay-style or everyone in a team is riding the whole time?
A: Everyone rides at the same time, this way you work as a pack and a team like the professionals!
Q: Do all team members need a racing licence?
A: Not for the Corporate/Sports or Charity Events as they are for fun, but if you wish to enter Mens 3/4 or Elite 1/2/3/ you will need a BC licence.
Q: Do we all need a matching kit?
A: You don’t need matching kit, but would be cool if you are all kitted out the same for the photos!

Sportive FAQ’S

Q: How long is the Sportive

A: We have a 60km and a 100km Sportive

Q: Do I need my own bike?

A: Yes, you do need your own bike and we advise that you have it serviced.

Q: Is the route marshaled and signed?

A: Yes , The route will be fully signed and marshalled – so you will be guided round. But please make yourself familiar with the route beforehand.

Sporterium Questions

Q: What is a Sporterium?
A: A Sporterium is an event that comprises of both long distance Sportive and a City Centre Criterium – and also might be a word we made up!

Q: How many events are there and what are they?
A: There are 3 events under our Sporterium page which provides all the information of our cycling events.


Volunteer FAQ’s

Q: Do you need volunteers?
A: YES – we will need volunteers to marshal the course. If you are interested please contact us at [email protected]

Q: Can I volunteer as a group?
A: Yes, we will need lots of volunteers and as such, groups of marshals will be much appreciated.

Q: What volunteer roles are there?
A: Marshals are an extension of our core team, making sure the event runs safely whether on the sportive or criterium.

Q: How long will you need volunteers for?
A: This is an all day event so we will need lots of volunteers for a variety of times.

Q: Will volunteer groups be receiving donations?
A: Yes – Big groups of marshals will receive a donation!

General FAQ’s

Q: When is the event?
A: The 2020 Southampton Sporterium will take place on the 20th of June.

Q: Has this event ever happened before?
A: No, 2020 will be the first ever Southampton Sporterium – Come and be part of a historic event!

Q: Is my bike suitable?
A: Any type of bike can take part! We do recommend a road bike however, but this is not a requirement.

Q: Who can take part in the Southampton Sporterium?
A: Anyone can take part in the races! But some will require a British Cycling Membership such as the evening Criterium races.

Race Day Questions

Q: Where do I go on race day?
A: On race day you will need to head to Southampton’s O2 Guildhall which will be the start and finish line for the races.

Q: What shall I wear?
A: Whatever you are comfortable in, provided it’s appropriate and safe for cycling; we do recommend padded shorts for the longer races. Enclosed shoes and helmets MUST be worn!

Q: What do I get for finishing?
A: Every participant the finishes the races will receive a medal. We wanted each participant to receive something memorable and unique for their achievement.

Q: Can I skip red-lights and stop signs?
A: No, you will need to obey the usual rules of the road for your own safety on the sportive as it will not be on closed roads.

Q: Do I need to wear a helmet?
A: YES! For your safety, it is required that every participant wears a helmet! Not having one will result in you not being able to participate.

Q: What is the route?
A: The route for each event is selectable and available on the Sporterium page.

Q: Are there refreshments around the route?
A: There will be feed stations around the sportive route to keep your energy levels up – More details to come.

Q: Are there toilets on the route?
A: There will be toilets in spin city and around the sportive route for you to use.

Q: Can I get to the race on public transport?
A: The race start is in close proximity to Southampton Central Train Station. We recommend catching the train if you are coming from further afield. There are also bus stops a 2-minute walk away for anyone who catches a bus.

Q: Will there be photographers?
A: Yes there will be at the finish line and you can buy your photos after.

Q: What can my family do whilst I cycle?
A: They can head into Southampton City Centre and Spin City which will have some fantastic entertainment.



2020 Event Registration

Q: Can I sign up to the 2020 Southampton Sporterium?
A: Yes you can! Sign ups are now open for the 60KM / 100KM and the Criterium.

Q: When do registrations close?
A: Registrations will be closing closer to the event or when spaces sell out! So sign up now so you don’t missing out!

Q: Is there a minimum age restriction?
A: You must be at least 16 on the day of the event to take part in the Sportive and riders under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Q: Where can I sign up?
A: You can sign up here for the Sportive races – Criterium sign up will open soon, however you can register your interest.

Q: Can I cycle for charity?
A: Yes, if you would like to ride for charity then you are more than welcome! Your charity can also get discounted places if they come to us directly at [email protected]

Q: I’m injured what can I do?
A: We are unable to offer refunds but can defer up until 7 weeks before race.

Q: Do I need to be a British Cycling Member to take part?
A: To take part in any of the Elite Category Criterium races you must be a British Cycling member with a race licence but you can enter the other categories and Sporitve without this.

Q: I’ve signed up, what happens next?
A: You get your bike out, start training, and we will see you on the 20th of June.
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