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Registration FAQs

How do I enter the event?
  • You can sign up to the event at
What is the last date for entries?

Sign-ups will close on Monday 18th July.

However, once the Criterium is full it is full – so keep an eye out for registrations going live! (Expected Jan-Feb 2022)

What is the last date for deferrals or distance changes?
  • The last date for any deferrals/changes will be DATE TBC. Any deferrals requested after the deadline will incur a £10 admin fee.
Can I change down distance? (100km to 60km)
  • You can!

    This change of distance will need to be requested by DATE TBC, after this date you will be charged a £10 admin fee to change distance.
Can I change up distance? (60km to 100km)
  • You can!

    This change of distance will need to be requested by DATE TBC, and you will be transferred at the current price of each category (this means there will be a price difference to pay) Any distance changes after this date will incur ana dditional £10 admin fee as well as the difference in distance price.
What if I need to change my address?
  • Please log back into your registration using your email address and password you supplied and amend your details.

    If you have any issues with this please email and our team can help you!  

    What happens if I have lost my password or can’t log in to ActiveNetwork?

    Please and one of the team will be able to help you!
Can I swap my place with a friend?
  • Unfortunately, that is no possible. Each race number assigned to a runner with individual medical details and it would not be safe to do so.
When will my race pack arrive?
  • Dates for receiving race packs will be released next year
What do I do if I haven’t received my race pack?
  • If you have not received your pack a week before race-day please email  with the title RACE PACK and your name and the address you expected the pack to be delivered to and we can arrange for the new pack to be available at the Info/Race Pack desk in the Race Village on the day.
How do I enter a corporate team?
  • We have Team Packages available if you would like to enter a corporate team. Please get in touch with our team on to find out more.
Where is the chip in the race pack?
  • The chip is fixed to the rear of the race number.

General Event Day FAQs

Where is the nearest train station?
  • The nearest train station is Southampton Central. Please check in advance with South West Trains before travelling and for updates on any rail works etc. Walking from the station is 0.4miles from the race village area (approximately 10 minutes).
I want to travel by public transport, how do I do that?
Is parking available near the race village?
If I am ill, injured, or unable to take part, what can I do?
  • If you volunteer to marshal at the event instead we will postpone your entry to next year! If you are interested in volunteering please get in touch with

    Otherwise, contact us as soon as possible on and we will help in whichever way we can.

Sportive FAQs

Who can take part in the Sportive?
  • Anyone can! As long as you are age 16 and above and have a bike you can take part in either distance of our Sportive.
What distance can I take part in?

You have a choice between the 60km or the 100km Sportive!
Both routes are live on Strava

Are the roads closed?
  • No, the roads are not closed along the route we ask that you please follow the Highway Code and ride safely.
What time does it start?
  • Please note – timings may change closer to the event date. However, 100km Cyclists will set off between 08:00 and 08:45 and 60km Cyclists will set off between 09:00 and 09:45.
What time should I get there?
  • We advise that you get there at least 30 mins before your start time and if you haven’t received your race pack we advise you get there at least 45 mins before. The race village is open from 07:00.
Where should I go when I arrive?
  • The race village is in Southampton Guildhall Square and surrounding parks. The start line is on West Marlands Road, outside the O2 Southampton Guildhall.
Where are the Feed Stations located?
  • 60km Route:
  • 100kmRoute:
  • King’sSomborne Village Hall, King’sSomborne, Stockbridge, SO20 6PP
Are there toilets on route?
  • Yes, all of the Feed Stations will have toilets at them, whether this will be in the venue or portaloos!

    There will also be local facilitates you can use around the route
What happens if I have an issue with my bike on the route?
  • If you have any issues we have bike mechanics and sweeper vans out on the route, please contact our Event Control on: 07871 573 373

    Please save this number in your mobile phones now!
What do I do if I have a medical issue?
  • Please ensure that you have updated all your medical information on your registration form. Please contact us on if this is something we need to be aware of before race day.

    On event day our medical team will be on site to deal with any issues!
Is there a cut off time?
  • Our Event Control will close at 20:00 which gives you 12 hours to get round the route! Please note that Feed Stations may not be open late in the evening.

Criterium FAQs

For Criterium specific information please have a look at our Criterium Rider Manual which you will be able to access HERE soon…

When will the category sign-ups open?
  • When will the category sign-ups open?We are working with British Cycling at the moment to create the categories, we hope to announce these late Jan – early Feb 2022!
What do I do when I arrive?
  • Upon arrival, please make your way to ‘Criterium Sign On’ LOCATION TBC.
  • Staff at sign-on will check your BC License corresponds to the sign on sheet - we will not keep your license
  • You will be asked to confirm that you agree to abide by the Bye Laws and Technical Regulations of BC and that you are participating at your own risk. You will not need to physically sign anything.
  • You will then take your number and a set of pins.
  • You will also take a timing chip – this is to be attached to the front right-hand fork. YOU MUST RETURN THE TIMING CHIP AT THE END OF YOUR RACE! – You will be charged if it is not returned.
When does sign on open?
  • TBC – once race times and categories have been released

Spectator FAQs

Where is the best place to watch the racing from?
  • The start and finish gantry is on Above Bar Street but you can watch the racing all around the course!
Are there refreshments?
  • There will be no refreshments in Race Village itself however there are many coffee shops, hotels and restaurants between the station, car parks and bus station to pick up snacks and refreshments before the race. The Race Village is based in the Southampton Guildhall and the surrounding areas are full of fantastic restaurants and cafes, so do make sure you take full advantage of all that Southampton City has to offer!

Charity FAQs

How do I participate for charity
  • If you would like to run for one of our Charity partners please get in touch with them through the links on the charity page on the website.
I want to run for charity but the charity I am running for isn’t listed on the website?
  • That is no worries! You will need to enter through the general entry and then create your own fundraising page. If you get in touch with the charity they will be able to provide you with some more information on fundraising.
How does a charity get involved in the event?
  • We have charity packages available! Please email for more information.

Volunteering FAQs

How do I become a volunteer?
I am part of a community group/sports team and would like to volunteer what do I do?
  • Great news! Please get in touch on and our team can help you. We can offer a donation of £200 for groups of 20+